15 of the best SEO blogs that you must read

15 of the best SEO blogs that you must read

SEO blogs are still the most popular way to learn anything about site optimization.

In an ever-evolving industry like SEO, it is important not to miss opportunities and to be up to date on any news and get regular training.

That’s why we introduce the best blogs that we think every SEO beginner should know and follow.


Moz has become an industry leader for the entire SEO generation.

No one doubts that this is thanks to their excellent input strategy to create lots of useful and educational content for anyone interested in search engine optimization.

15 of the best SEO blogs that you must read


A collection of popular marketing tools with a great blog that belongs to the best SEO blogs available.

As your blog describes – written by marketers for marketers, so do not hesitate and enjoy the knowledge of others and the experience of sharing SEMrush knowledge with the rest of the world.


Another great player among professional SEO tools is Ahrefs.

They have really improved their blog in recent years, so they should definitely be on the list of SEO blogs worth following.

In addition, Ahrefs loves data-driven case studies, so their content is usually backed up by real numbers.


Anyone who has ever owned a WordPress website probably knows a popular SEO plugin from Youast.

What many people do not know is that they also have a great SEO blog full of useful posts for WordPress users.


The Mangools blog is targeted at both newcomers and advanced SEO.

That’s why our focus is on writing comprehensive and beginner guides on topics ranging from keyword search to internal SEO.

15 of the best SEO blogs that you must read


CognitiveSEO is another blog written by a team of people behind the SEO tools and services.

This blog may not be visually stunning, but the guys behind it have done a good job of writing in-depth articles on a variety of topics (mostly technical SEO).


Brian Dean a.k.a. Backlinko is a well-known name in the SEO world.

He popularized the skyscraper method and proved that quality can really overshadow quantity.

Although he rarely publishes new articles, you can refer to his tips whenever you want, when you are sure that the topic is covered from top to bottom and because the content is regularly updated.


ClickMinded co-founder Tommy Griffith is not a beginner in the SEO world – he worked as a SEO in companies like Airbnb and PayPal.

He teaches various courses in online marketing and writes a great blog full of practical tips and insights. Check it out now!


Nathan Gotch is another SEO expert who gained popularity by sharing his knowledge on his blog.

In addition to blogging, he runs a successful SEO ordering agency and an academy where he teaches advanced SEO techniques.

10.Robbie Richards

Robbie Richards is known for writing very long guides, case studies, and SEO tools.

He also teaches a popular SEO course called The SEO Playbook for advanced users.

15 of the best SEO blogs that you must read

15 of the best SEO blogs that you must read

11.Matthew Woodward

Matthew runs an award-winning blog that covers almost all the basic aspects of SEO in a comprehensive and practical guide.

He has been blogging for years and is quite popular with accurate blogging monthly income reporting.

12.Diggity Marketing

Matt Diggity is probably a name that does not need to be introduced to people who have been affiliated with affiliate marketing.

Diggity marketing is one of his many projects – especially when it comes to posting links and collecting SEO news.

13.Search Engine Journal

Probably the most popular portal consisting of SEO experts from all over the world who write news articles, guides, analytics and how to communicate with SEO.

Over time, the magazine search engine builds a good reader base and their articles are shared by hundreds of users.

On the other hand, the rate of participation in comments is relatively low.

14.Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is like the sister market of Marketing Land and today’s MarTech, all of which are published by the Third Media Portal.

Similar to SEJ, the latest world news comes from search engines and online marketing written by Search Engine Land staff and external marketing experts from various fields.


Although this blog is not exactly a SEO blog, tl marketing; dr is one of the best SEO resources out there.

Provides a fairly regular newsletter in the form of a website as well as a daily newsletter.

What is the biggest advantage of this work? This will save you time.

Instead of browsing dozens of websites, you can check out a summary of the most important stories (including articles, tweets and official Google updates) to stay up to date with the latest SEO news.

3 tips to stay up to date

Finally, here are 3 quick tips on how to follow all the important blog posts, required studies and SEO guide.


The first and probably the most obvious way is to subscribe to the newsletters of your favorite SEO blogs.

This way, you will receive an email for all the new items they publish.

No need to constantly search the blog homepage to find new content.

Twitter or Facebook

Most blogs share their latest content on social media.

You can follow the best SEO blogs on Twitter or Facebook to be notified of any new content.


Another great way to stay up to date with SEO industry news is to set up an RSS reader like Fidel.

The biggest advantage of this is that instead of checking multiple blogs or newsletter emails, you see all the SEO posts in one place.


Now that you know what the best blogs and magazines are for learning SEO and staying up to date with industry news, don’t forget to add them to your news story or follow their social profile, so don’t miss any quality content!

Do you have a favorite SEO blog or magazine that is not on our list? Share their names with us!

15 of the best SEO blogs that you must read

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