8 Ways to Make Money For Content Websites

8 Ways to Make Money For Content Websites

Before you read this article, I’m sure many friends think that content-driven websites

that only produce textual content are the only way to monetize advertising.

That is, they either get banner ads or place ad reporting on their site.

But it really is not! Today, content websites make money in many different ways,

which is why these types of websites make more money than a few years ago.

In this article, I will look at different ways to monetize content-driven websites by reviewing large sites like How.

If your website is also content oriented or you are planning to start an internet business based on content production,

this article will definitely help you increase your income. So be with me.

8 Ways to Make Money For Content Websites

First of all, it is better to know that in many ways, your website must have high quality content and traffic.

In fact, some methods are directly related to your website traffic.

This means that the more traffic your website has, the more revenue you will certainly generate from that method.

Also, using some methods will require high credibility of your website.

In fact, the website should have a familiar name to be more effective for the advertiser.

1.Special membership

Special membership is more useful for websites that offer educational content.

In this method, the quality of content is considered and in no way site traffic has an important role in this method of monetization.

In this way, the more dedicated and valuable content you provide, the better your chances of earning money.

If you use WordPress, it is very easy to set up such a system on your site.

To do this, it is better to use plugins related to special memberships.

One of the sites that makes good money from this method is the “supplement” site.

This site is really the only site in Iran that does content marketing in principle.

One of the best features of this site is that when a user encounters restrictions on access to the desired content,

he is immediately offered free content on the same topic.

This is repeated until the user is more motivated to access the site’s special content and subscribe to the site.

8 Ways to Make Money For Content Websites

2. Click ads

One of the best ways to generate revenue for content-driven, high-traffic sites is to use click-through ads.

There are many companies in the field of click advertising such as “Saba Vision”

in Iran, through which you can place this type of advertising on your site.

In this way, you get revenue from each IP per click.

For example, if each click is 100 Tomans and your site traffic is, for example, 10,000 views per day and only 1000 people click on your click ads per day,

you will earn an income of 100 Dollar per day.

Websites that make money this way usually place their click-through banner ads on the sidebar and sidebar of their site pages.

It is also interesting to know that the click-through ads that are displayed on your site may change from time to time,

and this will increase the variety of ads and clicks of your visitors.

3. Content advertising

Content advertising is almost like click-through advertising.

This means that your account will be paid for each click, but with the difference

that this type of advertising is more targeted and is used to publish content on the web.

For example, you have written an article about digital marketing, and when you use content ads on your website,

the pages that are relevant to your article are suggested to users on that page.

It is exactly like the suggestion to read other articles related to the users of the site,

with the difference that in this method, the articles of other sites are suggested.

Using this method is very convenient and useful for websites that provide strong and quality content.

Because in this method, the user does not think much about the advertising aspect of the offers and what is important for him is to meet his needs.

The first Iranian platform to start content advertising was the Kangaroo site.

4. Ad reporting

Ad reporting is usually done with the aim of SEO.

In reportage, a text ad related to the subject of the site in question is prepared exclusively by the host or advertiser site,

with the aim of receiving quality backlinks as well as introducing the services of other businesses.

Reporting is a permanent ad and will never be removed from the host site.

Because of this, it creates permanent and quality backlinks for the advertiser’s site.

Because ad reporting is done more to improve SEO, your site should have high importance and power in addition to high traffic.

In fact, sites with high authority domains can focus more on getting ad reporting.

8 Ways to Make Money For Content Websites
5. Supported content (sponsorship)

Sponsored content is one of the best ways to generate revenue for content-driven websites.

Some friends equate sponsored content with ad reporting. If not!

The advantage of sponsored content over ad reporting is that users feel less promotional.

Because in the sponsored content you are going to publish an article like other articles on your site

and at the end you are referring to the business.

Unlike ad reporting, there is no advertising link in sponsored content.

For example, you write an article about Internet motor couriers and their benefits.

Exactly one article for your site with no advertising purpose!

And at the end of it, for example, you introduce the startup Alo Peek, which is exactly related to the subject of your article.

In this case, your content does not give much color and smell of advertising, and the audience will be excited by the reference you made to the business

at the end of your article, and a better feeling will be conveyed to them.

In this way, advertising is highly effective for advertisers and is more targeted in this type of advertising than other methods.

6. Cooperation in sales (receiving commission)

Many friends who see the word sales cooperation think that a product must be sold from an online store in order to receive a commission.

If in this method of monetization there is no news of selling physical goods at all.

Of course, it can be so, but our goal in this method is to introduce services and receive commissions.

Using this method depends entirely on yourself and your abilities.

In this way, you have to produce an article with a very specific topic and purpose that has a high traffic.

In this article, Snap and the impact of mobile applications on car applications have been reviewed.

The purpose of writing and producing this article was to receive a commission for introducing new passengers through the banner that you see in the content.

People who click on the banner, become a member of SNAP and use their gift credit are considered

as a gift to the person who wrote the article and had the link to the sales collaboration.

There are many examples of this method of monetization that I mentioned only one model.

An example of this is the article “Top 10 Iranian hosting companies in 1998” on Hamyar Web site.

One of the purposes of producing this article was to collaborate on sales.

In this method, it is very important to focus on the most visited and so-called hot keywords.

It is important that the article you write is firstly related to your business and the needs of your audience,

and secondly that it is very popular and can receive high traffic per day.

Of course, in this method, startups that are new may also offer you to do so,

and you can get your commission from introducing the desired startup by producing content in that field.

8 Ways to Make Money For Content Websites
7. Site email newsletter

Content-oriented sites usually have a lot of users, and most of them have a lot of members in their email newsletter.

In this method, revenue is generated in the emails sent to the members of the advertising newsletter.

This may be done with a banner in the content of the email, or it may be done entirely by sending a promotional email to all members of the site.

In the picture below, you can see that the Franch site has sent the advertisement of the tape startup,

which is a reference for audiobooks, in a completely dedicated email to the members of its site.

This way, collaboration in advertising has become very common among new startups.

This type of advertising usually involves a lot of costs and is one of the best ways to earn money for content sites.

Of course, you should remember that sending a lot of promotional emails will reduce the members of your site and the use of this method is not explained much.

A doctor’s site is one of the sites that sends a lot of promotional emails to its members.

To be more effective and reduce the dissatisfaction of site users, it is better to send special and limited offers to site members in this way.

8 Ways to Make Money For Content Websites

8. Advertising on specific pages of the site

This method is one of the most targeted advertising methods. Usually every site has popular and special pages.

In this method, advertising is done on exactly these pages.

Because of this, the banner that you see on this page is related to the advertisement of a site that sells Telegram members.

In fact, the ad you see on this page is exactly related to its content, and this shows the purpose of the ad.

Therefore, this type of advertising is very valuable for the advertiser and also has a high cost.

“How” site is one of the sites where this type of advertising is found in abundance.

Conclusion and last word

I suggest using the different revenue-generating models I mentioned depending on the theme of your website.

Using all the methods at the same time depends on the conditions of your site.

But as much as you can, use all methods in a principled way to earn more money and never go to extremes.

For example, excessive use of content and click-through ads may annoy your site users,

and you should know that you should never prefer ads and monetize these methods to your site users.

As you know, your site members are always a priority.

I hope you have used this article enough. I’m sure every website that has content is thinking of making more money and finding more ways to make money.

If you are one of these people, mention any suggestions you have in the comments section of this section.

8 Ways to Make Money For Content Websites


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