Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

Earn  Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

Maybe you are also thinking of making great money with Bitcoin that you are on this page right now.

What is Bitcoin and what does it do?

This is an important question that you need to know the answer to to get acquainted with bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has a network for direct payments without intermediaries

in which no one can intervene and take ownership.

With the sudden rise in the price of bitcoin in 2016, there was a lot of noise and all eyes were on bitcoin.

Many people thought about starting to make money through bitcoin.

But how do they really buy a bitcoin that was two and a half dollars in 2010 and is now $ 5,000?

Is it cost effective? Is it more expensive than this?

Many people and investors are still investing in bitcoin, and bitcoin trading is everywhere in the world.

But is it possible to buy and sell bitcoins in Iran? Is It Really Possible

To Make Millions With Bitcoin?

Is This The Best Way To Make Money On The Internet?

The question many friends ask me these days is what is it like to make dollars from bitcoin? It used to be maybe a lot easier.

When bitcoin was two and a half dollars, extracting it was easy.

But now that the number of miners and bitcoin miners has increased and acquiring a bitcoin number may take months.

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

Of course, I will explain about mining and miner in full below.

In this article, I am going to talk in detail about bitcoin and making money from bitcoin.

Let’s first look at what Bitcoin is and what its uses are and how it is obtained, and then let’s look at how to make money by extracting bitcoins.

I will also talk about bitcoin revenue in Iran.

What is Bitcoin? (History of Bitcoin)

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency created in 2009 by an individual or group called Satoshi Nakamoto.

Of course, in 2016, a person named Craig Wright, an Australian scientist and businessman, claimed that he was the main creator of Bitcoin,

but it is not rational for a person to create Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is not affiliated with any person, company or central bank!

No one is involved and it is the first digital currency to be transferred by users without any intermediaries.

The price of bitcoin has risen from a few cents to several thousand dollars in recent years,

and according to analysis and forecasts, there is still a possibility of increasing the price of bitcoin in global markets.

Bitcoin is not dependent on anything!

For example,

it does not depend on the price of oil or the price of gold, which increases with the price of gold.

It is the users themselves who control the bitcoin and its price.

Bitcoin uses blockchain to store data, which is the first data encryption system on Bitcoin.

Blockchain is a network that users use to transfer their digital currencies.

In simpler terms, the Blockchain can be considered as a wallet for bitcoin.

No country has yet recognized bitcoin as a currency, and everyone sees bitcoin as an open source software.

The United States and China also think that bitcoin is a commodity that people make money from. That is, a commodity that has material value like gold!

What is the blockchain?

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

Blockchain technology is a technique that connects blocks containing information.

The BlockChain was first described in 1991 by a group of researchers.

In fact, the Blockchain was created to schedule digital documents so that they would no longer be tampered with.

Before Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin, blockchain was not widely used,

but now a distributed general office is available to everyone.

One of the most important features of China Blockchain is that when information is stored in it, it will be impossible to change the data.

Each block has data, hash data and previous hash data. Data hashes are immutable just like a person’s fingerprint.

For example,

if a transaction of users is stored in a block, it is impossible to change it. Bitcoin transactions exchanged between network users are stored in the Chinese blockchain.

For this reason, all Bitcoin users use China Blockchain wallet for their transactions.

What are the features of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has features that distinguish it from other digital and government currencies, and the reason for its popularity is its unique features.

Here are some of the features that have made Bitcoin the most popular digital currency.

Bitcoin decentralization

One of the most important features of Bitcoin digital currency is its decentralization.

It has already been mentioned that no person or entity can monitor Bitcoin.

Transactions in banking systems can always be monitored and tracked, but this is not possible in the Bitcoin network!

For this reason, since 2011, many criminals have been using bitcoins to transfer large amounts of their assets.

In this way, they bought their stolen money in bitcoins and easily kept the bitcoins in their accounts without any institution being able to access them and block them.

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

This is precisely why many countries and governments do not accept bitcoins,

and in many countries buying and selling bitcoins is prohibited and considered a crime.

Restrictions on Bitcoin Units

Bitcoin is limited worldwide. Unlike the currencies of countries such as the dollar and the euro, which can be produced and printed several thousand times,

bitcoin is not like this and has a certain number in the whole network.

The specified number for Bitcoin is 21 million and after reaching this number, it can no longer be extracted by anyone. So far, more than half of this number has been mined by miners around the world.

Failure to recognize bitcoins

Surely you went to the bank to open an account? Surely you have given your complete details for authentication?

In Bitcoin, this does not make sense and you will not need to authenticate at all You do not even need an email.

All you need to buy and sell your bitcoins is a wallet in the Chinese blockchain.

Of course, bitcoin transactions can be identified and tracked, but not in the sense that each person’s identity is identified.

However, many licensed online exchanges must identify the account holder to purchase Bitcoin to prevent crime.

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

Of course, there are also illegal exchanges that buy and sell bitcoins without authentication, many of which have been filtered in our country.

Bitcoin is uncontrollable

In all banking systems, all transactions can be controlled. For example, if the wrong money is deposited in an account, it will be possible to return it.

But there is no such thing in Bitcoin.

This means that once Bitcoin is credited to an account, it can no longer be returned.

Bitcoin is not dependent on anything!

As I said before, bitcoin is not dependent on anything! That is, its price does not increase or decrease with the rise and fall of the dollar or gold.

They are the only bitcoin holders in the world that increase or decrease its price.

The value of bitcoin is not fixed and is always changing.

Making Bitcoin wallets in blockchain

Bitcoin wallet is exactly like your bank account where you can keep your bitcoins and Atrium.

BlockChain Wallet is currently the most secure digital currency wallet. Your wallet in BlockChina has two public and private keys.

The Public Key is used when you want to receive Bitcoin or Atrium from others.

In fact, Public Key is your bitcoin account number.

You must give your Public Key to anyone who wants to transfer bitcoins to your account.

But the private key is very important and confidential for you.

Because you can transfer your bitcoins to others through a private key. You should try to keep your Private Key and do not give it to anyone in any way.

Because anyone with your Private Key can easily empty your account.

Learn how to make wallets in the Chinese blockchain and withdraw bitcoins

Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

Just join me to tell you how to make a wallet in th BlockChaine and other things.

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

First, enter this address and click on Sign Up.

Then, in the opened page, repeat your email and password twice and click the Continue button.

Once your account is created on the BlockChain site, you will be taken directly to your wallet page.

But you should also check your email because the activation email has been sent to you and you should click on the account activation option in your email

Well, that’s it, and now you have a wallet in China block to receive and send bitcoins.

To receive bitcoins and transfer them from the cripp tab browser to your blockchain account, you must click on the Recieve option in your dashboard.

On this page you will see your Bitcoin account number or the same as the public key.

To transfer bitcoins from Crypto Tab browser to your account, you must use it.

In the withdrawal section of the browser account, if you remember, the Bitcoin account number was asked, which is exactly what you have to give.

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

If you want to sell your bitcoins, you must use the Send option in your wallet dashboard in Blockchain.

In this case, to transfer and sell your bitcoins, you must have the public key of the person to transfer your bitcoins to his account.

How does the price of bitcoin increase or decrease?

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

The price of bitcoin goes up or down just like goods or any services based on supply and demand.

The higher the demand for bitcoin, the higher the price.

As mentioned earlier, there are 21 million bitcoins on the network, which is very likely to increase in price as bitcoin mining approaches.

But the problem with Bitcoin is that it has no rules and is therefore a risky market with sharp fluctuations.

For example, fluctuations in bitcoin may occur overnight and, for example, the price may halve overnight.

But if in the Forex market these fluctuations may take a year and a sharp decline does not occur overnight.

So that’s why investing in bitcoin is very, very risky.

How is bitcoin mining done?

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

Where does Bitcoin come from? This is a question that has occupied the minds of many friends.

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network of which everyone who uses it is a small part.

Everyone who works in it will receive a bitcoin reward.

As you know, the currencies of different countries are in the hands of the government.

That is, they print them and distribute them in the country whenever they want. But bitcoin is not dependent on anything!

Bitcoin is obtained by miners who are actually miners of bitcoins.

Miners use a pre-created software to solve a series of mathematical equations to extract bitcoins.

This method is a clever method performed by miners.

As a result, more and more people are turning to bitcoin mining.

It is interesting to know that the difficulty of extracting bitcoins is also related to the number of miners in the network.

The more miners there are to extract, the harder the equations are to solve, and ultimately the harder and longer it takes to extract bitcoins.

For example,

a few days ago, when the price of bitcoin had dropped and a number of miners had stopped working, bitcoin mining was easier and faster for someone who was still active.

Bitcoin extraction speed is directly related to your system.

This means that the higher the configuration of your computer, the higher the speed of bitcoin extraction.

But if your system has a weak configuration, ie your RAM, CPU and graphics card are weak, they are more likely to burn.

That is why after a while, compatible and special systems for bitcoin mining came on the market, which made bitcoin mining easier with these expensive systems.

Of course, today with new methods of bitcoin mining, there is no need for expensive systems to do this! You do not need to work on extracting your bitcoins at all.

By taking the subset, you can get help from other miners to extract bitcoins, which I will explain in more detail below.

How to buy and sell bitcoins?

Bitcoin is traded by online exchanges, individuals or related sites.

You can buy bitcoins in dollars, euros, webmoney and even other digital currencies.

To buy bitcoin, you must first make your wallet in the Chinese block, which you will see in the following tutorial.

Then find the person you are looking for, who may be a person or a site, and make your appointment.

The next step, which is the most important step, is to deposit the bitcoin money into the person’s account and give him / her your wallet account number

so that the purchased bitcoin can be transferred to your wallet.

Finally, you have to wait for the purchased bitcoin to be transferred to your wallet.

It is very important to use reputable online exchanges for this purpose.

There are many scams in buying and selling bitcoins.

Because Bitcoin is untraceable and irreversible, the scams in this method are very high.

Be sure to use authentic exchanges. The reason is quite clear. Because they are legal and there is no fraud!

You need to do the same to sell bitcoins. The only difference is that you must first receive the money and transfer the bitcoins to their wallets.

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

How to make money with Bitcoin?

There are many ways to make money from bitcoin, some of which are really official.

But in this article, I want to mention four main methods. The first way to invest in bitcoin is to earn money by buying and selling bitcoins, in which you have to have a lot of capital because the price of bitcoin is very high.

Of course, it also has a high risk.

Because there will always be the possibility of a sharp drop in the price of bitcoin.

The bitcoin market is not as predictable as the stock market.

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

For this reason, it is not recommended to make money from Bitcoin this way at all.

The next method is to use powerful systems with advanced hardware to extract bitcoins.

In this method, you must have a capital of at least 30 million Tomans. Also, according to calculations, the cost of electricity to extract a bitcoin is about 30 million.

This method can not be economical and will have a high risk for you.

The next method is done using cloud extraction sites.

This means that there are a number of sites that have servers for bitcoin mining and can provide you with this method, which will certainly cost you a lot.

Earn bitcoin by launching Faucet

One of the best ways to make money from bitcoin is to set up a bitcoin fast. You must have seen foreign sites that,

in exchange for offering you something, ask you to see an advertising page by sending a captcha code (I am not a robot).

For example,

if you want to download a file from a free file upload service, you may be asked to view another page and wait a few moments.

This is a way to get free bitcoins.

There are two ways you can make money through Fast Bitcoin.

Either code yourself to set up such a system or buy these ready-made site models.

Also, in exchange for rewarding users, you either have to give them some bitcoins or another gift!

Because in any case, you have to encourage them to visit your pages. The important thing is to try to get high traffic to your website.

Otherwise, this method of receiving free bitcoins is practically ineffective.

Making money with bitcoin is easy with this method and it will earn you about $ 1000 a month.

Make money from bitcoin by producing content in the field of digital currencies

One of the best ways to earn bitcoins and earn millions with bitcoins is to produce content in the field of bitcoins and digital currencies of the day.

By generating content about Bitcoin and providing practical tutorials, you can attract a lot of interested people to your website.

Providing methods for receiving free bitcoins, digital currency news, guide to buying bitcoin mining machines, talking about bitcoin monthly income,

practical training for buying and selling digital currencies,

and… definitely have a lot of fans in Iran and makes the web Your site will become a reference site in the field of bitcoins and digital currencies in Iran.

By attracting high traffic, you can also earn very high income in bitcoin in Iran by introducing bitcoin receiving sites through your affiliate links or buying

and selling digital currencies or also selling bitcoin mining devices.

Sites such as Mihan Block China and Digital Currency are the reference sites of digital currency in Iran that earn very high revenues directly and indirectly from Bitcoin.

Earn money by buying and selling bitcoins

One of the best ways to monetize bitcoin is to invest in and actually buy bitcoin.

These days, many people have made a lot of money buying and selling bitcoins.

You can start buying and selling bitcoins just by having a secure wallet in the Chinese blockchain and coordinating with bitcoin exchange sites.

Many traders try to sell their bitcoins when the price of bitcoin rises by buying and holding bitcoins.

Just like the global Forex market. There are many mobile apps that you can use to know the current prices of digital currencies.

Receive bitcoins in exchange for offering products and services

One of the best ways to get bitcoins is to get bitcoins from your customers instead of cash (dollars or tomans) in exchange for your services or products.

Today, many sites in the world receive bitcoins from their customers instead of cash.

I know sites where you have to pay bitcoin for a special membership.

You can also get bitcoins from your customers to sell your products and services from now on.

All you have to do is have a wallet in the Chinese blockchain and receive digital currencies from your customers.

If you are thinking of high income in the future, try to replace the receipt of digital currencies with cash from your customers right now.

Earn money by advertising bitcoin marketing links

You must have seen that on social networks and discussion sites about bitcoins and digital currencies, people have talked about different ways to get free bitcoins.

They have introduced sites where you can get free bitcoins by subscribing and working on them.

For example,

there are online games through which you can get bitcoins.

By introducing these sites to others through your sub-collection link, you can increase the number of active people in your sub-category day by day and receive free bitcoins through this.

Many exchanges, products and services offer affiliate programs that you can use.

There are also many mobile applications that you can earn a lot of money from Bitcoin by introducing them to others through your marketing link.

This method is not risky but it is not simple.

You need to be creative, and by producing educational content on other sites and social networks,

you can increase your subsets in various programs and sites to receive free bitcoins.

Note: To use this method, try to join several sites or applications and publish your marketing link. This way you will have a better chance of earning free bitcoins.

How to get a real bitcoin?

So far, everything that has been said about Bitcoin is true, and there is practically no best way to get Bitcoin!

The only way you can easily get bitcoins is to buy bitcoins from reputable places.

But buying bitcoins is also very risky and you can not put all your money on buying bitcoins.

To do this, it is better to buy bitcoins very little by little and use smaller units of bitcoins or other growing digital currencies.

Because in any case, the price of digital currencies as well as bitcoin may go down, and that is why I say that this method also has a high risk.

My suggestion to you is exactly that, invest a small part of your capital (unused capital) on buying bitcoins and other digital currencies so that you do not suffer much loss if the price drops.

Of course, to invest in buying bitcoins, I suggest you consult a digital currency expert.

Summary and last word

It is possible to earn money from bitcoin, and in this article, I have introduced you to the simplest and best ways to earn money through bitcoin, which is less risky.

I suggest you do not spend all your time on earning money through bitcoin and think about sustainable internet business. Because one day, making money from other bitcoins may become ghostly like it is now.

If you really do not have enough information about bitcoins and digital currencies,

I suggest you do not go for less that your full potential, especially when it comes to buying and selling and investing in bitcoins!

Grow your knowledge first and consult with people who really have experience in this area.

You do not need a strong system to earn money from Bitcoin! You can get bitcoins in different ways.

If you want to extract bitcoin fever with crypto browser, you will be able to do it with your own home system,

but do not forget that this is almost impossible without attracting active subsets.

Earn Bitcoin With 100% Real Methods (Updated)

I hope you have used this article enough. If you have an opinion on Bitcoin and making money from it,I would be happy to share it with me and other friends.

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