How to improve our site bounce rate

How to improve our site bounce rate?

Bounce rate occurs when a user enters your site and leaves without visiting other pages of your site.

Usually, if visitors stay on your site for less than a minute or 30 seconds, the bounce rate will be calculated for your site.

In this article, I will provide you with solutions so that you can improve the bounce rate of your site.

What effect does bounce rate have on the site?

The lower the bounce rate, the better.

Bounce rate and user retention on the site are two very important factors in site SEO that Google recently pays a lot of attention to.

Sites with a bounce rate below 30 and a user retention time of more than 8 minutes usually rank very well in search results.

To see the exact bounce rate of your site, I suggest you go to Google Analytics.

The statistics you see in your Alexa are not accurate at all!

Usually the bounce rate should be between 40 and 60.

When your site has a bounce rate of more than 60, you should be concerned about your site.

You have to see exactly where the problem is.

For example, problems with the content of your site or other things!

In the following, I will talk more about the factors that improve the bounce rate of users on the site.

How to improve our site bounce rate

1. Speed ​​of site pages

The loading speed of your site pages is very important in the bounce rate of users.

Try to speed up the opening of your site pages before doing anything.

The loading speed of the first page of the site is very important, which you can improve by removing the additions of the first page of the site and optimizing the photos and code.


It is very important that your site is compatible with all devices as well as all browsers.

If you go to your Google Webmaster Tools, you will find out what devices your website users come to your site with the most.

Test your site on mobile right now and see if it opens well?

Or does your site open well in the Opera browser, for example?

3. User interface or UI

Some friends do not consider the user interface of the site at all important in improving the bounce rate or bounce rate I think so too.

But it is very good that a visitor enters your site and it feels good.

Just like when you go to a big and reputable store with the most variety of goods near your place of residence.

Try to use the latest fonts and the most diverse colors on your website. Simple yet attractive!

4. Title related to the topic

Try to tell your users exactly what you need to meet in your titles.

Unrelated headlines are one of the most important factors in getting visitors to your site quickly.

How to improve our site bounce rate

5. Reading

Content readability is very important for both Google and your users.

Long paragraphs make your users’ eyes tired.

Try to consider the paragraphs in the content of your site between 2 to 3 lines.

A user who enters your site will run away from your site quickly after encountering long paragraphs.

Also, for the convenience of your users, provide them with a part of your content in the form of audio or video.

How to improve our site bounce rate

How to improve our site bounce rate?

6. Show relevant content to your users

For example, how about using Instagram for marketing?

You have written an article, for example, suggest an article on marketing tricks on Instagram.

This will greatly increase the retention of users on your site. Just be careful to suggest only relevant content to them.

7. Provide updated content

What is your reaction if you enter a site whose content is for Bahman 93?

Definitely everyone is looking for new and fresh content.

If you use old content on your site, at least delete the date it was posted on the site.

Lack of up-to-date content greatly affects the increase in bounce rate.

8. Technical problems

If your site has a technical problem with playing podcasts or videos, for example, fix it quickly.

The plugin you put on your site for video playback may not display your video well.

Or, for example, your video plugin may not work well in the Firefox browser.

Test now and if your site has such problems, fix them immediately.

A user who can not watch the video you want will leave the site immediately

9. Limitations

If the popular pages of your site have a restriction, such as membership, try to remove it.

Or get very little information from your users. As you know, filling out long forms makes users tired and they may skip the page you want and leave your site.

10. Pop-up

If we factor in the ads, what can not be passed is pop-up.

If you intend to give any offer in the form of a pop-up to your users, do not show it at all at the moment of entering them.

Seeing pop-ups, whether in the form of ads or a special offer, is not very appealing to people.

Let them stay on your site for a while and show them when they want to leave your site.

How to improve our site bounce rate

Concluding remarks

In this article, I tried to introduce you to the tips that will improve the bounce rate of your site.

If you take the things I mentioned in this article seriously, you can be sure that the bounce rate of users from your site will be greatly reduced.

I hope you have used this article enough. If you have any questions, send a message to my telegram right now

How to improve our site bounce rate

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