How to provide a reliable and quality host for your site?

How to provide a reliable and quality host for your site?

One of your main concerns is buying hosts, not every host!

Quality hosting and sure that you will always be comfortable with the stability of your site.

Where to buy where among all these Iranian hosting companies is a difficult and confusing task!

If you do not know the hosting companies, you can not buy a good host for your site.

Perhaps the first thing you need to do to buy a host is to open Google and search for the term host, buy the best host or the best hosting company.

This is not the worst thing!

But it is not a good way to measure the best Iranian hosting.

Because you will definitely not see many old Iranian companies and hosting in search results.

If you want to find a good and reliable host in every way, before buying a host, you should pay attention to the points that I am going to talk about exactly in this article.

So if you are looking to buy good, quality and reliable hosts, stay with me until the end of this article.

What should we pay attention to in order to buy a suitable host?

One of the concerns of webmasters is what hosting is right for their site.

Given the number and size of files, the number of visits per day, the number of online at the moment, what is really bothering you?

Most people who want to start a website pay a lot of money to buy a host without prior notice,

which is not really necessary!

They buy a host that is insanely expensive without the need for space or bandwidth!

How to provide a reliable and quality host for your site?

The most important thing in buying a host is its speed and uptime.

Being up-time means that the site is always high.

Well, of course, your site should always be available and you should use a host that is always stable.

First of all, do not go to the old and well-known hosting that hosts large Iranian sites such as Sports 3!

First of all, these hostings have very strict rules and regulations and in case of any problem, your site will be blocked forever.

Secondly, these hostings only provide good service to their large customers.

The reason is that they have a strict contract with them!

Third, the price of their services is astronomical and staggering.

So for this reason, do not think that providing services from these hostings is a good thing.

In this section, I am going to talk about the points that you must pay attention to before buying a host.

How to provide a reliable and quality host for your site?

Linux or Windows hosting?

The first question that arises is whether we should buy a Linux host or Windows? The answer to this question is quite clear.

Usually sites that are just starting out with new technologies need Linux hosting.

Because their core is PHP, like the WordPress and Joomla site builders that most new sites are on.

What should be the amount of space and bandwidth?

The next important question in hosting purchases is how much space and bandwidth does our site need?

The answer to this question depends on the size of your files and the number of visitors to your site.

For example, if you have a lot of high-volume image files and your site traffic is high,

you should use a host that has more space and bandwidth to display those files on your site will also increase.

So the bandwidth must be high.

What is download hosting and when should we provide download hosting?

Download host As its name suggests, a special host for downloading files.

This means that you can not set up a site on download hosts, you will only be given space to upload files.

When your download files were too large and the number of users downloading them per day was high,

you should use download hosting to save money.

How to provide a reliable and quality host for your site?

When your downloaded files are large and the number of downloads per day is high,

your host space will be filled very quickly and your site bandwidth will be lost.

So for this reason, you should use download hosting so that your site space and bandwidth are not wasted!

Must we buy WordPress hosting?

An important question that many friends ask me is that since our site is WordPress, do we have to buy a special WordPress host?

No, not at all! Professional Linux hosting will answer your work, but it is better to get a host for your CMS.

For example!

Fa host is one of the hosting companies that offers both WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

The advantage of these types of hosts is that their server configuration is done for these types of systems and is actually optimized for WordPress sites.

In this case, the loading speed of the site will increase.

What is unlimited hosting?
Should we buy unlimited hosts?

Unlimited hosting means hosting that all its features such as space, bandwidth, number of emails, number of databases and… are unlimited.

Usually companies that offer unlimited hosting offer shared hosting with unlimited features.

It does not make sense to think that all resources are dedicated to your site exclusively and indefinitely!

Resource management is also not well done on shared hosts.

This is in case of unlimited hosting all resources for hosted sites are unlimited.

Now, if sites use server resources more than before, other sites on which they are located will receive less resources, and this will cause problems.

I suggest you do not use unlimited hosting in any way.

Unlimited hosts are not good quality at all and you can be sure that they will be a problem for you in the future.

Provide shared hosting or dedicated hosting?

Usually shared hosting on several different sites is suitable for small sites with low traffic.

But when your site needs more traffic or space, ie custom, you can no longer buy shared hosts.

This is because your site may be too slow on shared hosting.

This is because shared sites are usually hosted on other sites and one of them may consume more traffic than the others and this will cause disruption to the hosts.

It is usually recommended to use shared hosting to get started,

but as soon as your site traffic increases, you should use dedicated hosting or in many cases a virtual server.

Are hosting positions important in buying hosting?

The next question that may arise for you when buying a host is whether to buy a host abroad or a host inside Iran?

This is not so important!

The quality of service is important.

But usually foreign hosts, especially Germany, have a higher quality.

Using Iran host does not have much effect on SEO sites where most of the visitors are Iranian,

but it will have a greater effect on increasing the speed of the site for Iranian visitors.

Some Iranian and foreign SEO experts say that the quality, speed and stability of the hosts are important.

Because the speed of loading the site and that it is always available is very important to Google.

They did not place much emphasis on geographical locations.

What should host support look like?

Is hosting really important?

Many friends think that because the host has good speed and is always up to date, they never need support!

If this mindset is completely wrong.

One of the most important issues in buying a host is the support of the hosting company.

No matter how good your host is but not having good support it will have no value.

Before buying the host you want, try to check the support of the hosting company.

By inquiring about previous buyers or reviewing topics in discussion forums, try to find out the quality of their support.

Good hosting means answering your potential problems and questions at any time of the day or night through various means such as email, tickets, online chat, phone calls.

How and where to buy a suitable host?

So far, you are familiar with the important points that you should pay attention to before buying a host

Summary and last word

Choosing a good and reliable host is not a difficult task!

It is enough to first know exactly what host you want with what facilities.

Then choose the hosting company you want.

In this article, I tried to listen to the important points that you should consider when buying hosting.

I hope in this article I have been able to acquaint you with the criteria for buying the right host.

If this article is useful and interesting for you, send it to your other friends or share it on your social networks.

How to provide a reliable and quality host for your site?

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