There is no guaranteed SEO please do not be fooled

There is no guaranteed SEO please do not be fooled

Recently, SEO services companies have increased and we see many of them with the slogan of guaranteed SEO on the first page of Google.

Of course, many of them do not seem to have a guaranteed SEO slogan,

but when we negotiate with them,

they guarantee their customers a first rank because they do not lose a customer!

I have had phone calls with many of these SEO companies and when I asked them, is your SEO really a guarantee?

Do you guarantee rank one in a keyword? They boldly said yes!

It is interesting that one or two sites that do SEO work will pay for the project after the work is done !!

When Google itself has said that there is no guarantee that your site will rank first and that no one can guarantee you a Google rank, how do these companies do their job with this slogan?

There is no guaranteed SEO please do not be fooled

According to Google, anyone who guarantees a first place in Google will be a scammer.

In this article, I will prove to you that rank one can never be guaranteed.

This is even the case with Google ads.

There is no guarantee that your ad will always be ranked one higher than other competitors’ Google ads.

In this short article, I am going to talk about the fact that there is no guarantee in SEO.

No matter how much you are better than others, your position will not be ranked first forever and in any situation.

I ask you to be with me in this matter as well.

There is no guaranteed SEO please do not be fooled

Why is guaranteed SEO just a slogan?

Unfortunately, in our Iran, many companies use provocative slogans to attract more customers.

Guaranteed SEO is really stimulating and is an incentive for customers who are still hesitant to choose the right company for their SEO site.

The word guarantee has a special mentality for the customer.

When it comes to guaranteed SEO, many customers imagine their site on the first page of Google

before signing a contract with the SEO services company.

Maybe so, but that’s not the whole story!

Companies with different promises and guarantees in SEO will bring your site to the first page of Google in a number of keywords

you want or maybe in the ranks of one to three, but it will never make sense.

The company that guarantees the first page in a month definitely uses non-standard methods and so-called black hat SEO.

Because it is impossible for a site with a keyword for a month

to appear on the first page of Google unless illegal methods are used in SEO.

How Do Guaranteed SEO Companies Work?

SEO companies usually use a series of resources that they have already prepared for link building.

Making a lot of backlinks in a short time can bring any site to any keyword to the first page of Google in a short time, maybe a month.

But it will not be permanent at all!

SEO companies do not use content production in their projects at all and only use the link building method in a dangerous way.

Companies that offer guaranteed SEO not only do not improve your site,

but may ruin or ruin your business and ultimately lead to depression.

Imagine being in the top search results for months and getting good input.

After a while, your rank will drop and you will not be able to enter like in previous months. You will not lose much so far.

You will see the real loss some time later when your site gets penalized and is recognized as a spam site by Google.

It will be very difficult to get rid of the past and go back to your previous era.

The company that did your SEO will not go down.

Because according to the contract, your site was brought to the first page of Google, and after that,

it was your own fault that your site dropped. They can easily hit everything!

Avoid companies that offer guaranteed SEO because, as I said, they can do you irreparable damage.

There is no guaranteed SEO please do not be fooled

What are the characteristics of a good SEO company?

Usually SEO companies that are professional in their work do not give you any guarantee in SEO.

Of course rank in a certain number of words! In fact, there is no way they can guarantee you.

Trusted SEO companies are companies that clearly present their business plan.

These companies do not just focus on link building.

User experience and content production will be very important to them and they will emphasize this to you.

Usually, SEO companies that are trusted always report to you and you can see the growing trend of your business in the report that you receive from them.

Professional SEO companies do not offer you a ranking in just a few specific keywords!

When your mindset is that, for example, I want to rank only on 2 to 4 keywords, they will definitely oppose you.

Because they provide you with a plan for your SEO strategy and in this strategy a set of words that will really benefit your business will be presented.

SEO is not just hard to rank in a few keywords!

SEO is a set of operations that will make your business more profitable by receiving organic input.

This is the right mindset of honest SEO companies.

But instead, companies with guaranteed SEO do not offer you any strategy or plan.

They just ask you what words you want to rank.

They start building links for your website, regardless of whether it is in your best interest or not.

The main strategy of these companies is to build backlinks.

With the help of backlinks that they create for you in a short period of time, they guarantee your ranking.

There is no guaranteed SEO please do not be fooled

Why not get a permanent Google ranking?

It is only an illusion that a Google rank will always be there.

It is impossible for your website to always be ranked first in a word under any circumstances.

For example, searching for people in different cities and countries will affect the search results.

For example, if a user in Isfahan searches for the word site design, the first Isfahani sites will definitely be displayed for him.

Or, for example, Google will show you the results based on your search history in your Google Account.

This will have a greater impact on Google’s algorithms.

For example, Google’s ranking algorithm constantly changes the ranking of sites in search results.

Evidence from many competing words shows that it is by no means possible for a site to be ranked first in Google forever or for a long time.

This issue can be examined from different dimensions.

For example, the behavior of users and the searches they perform change over time.

It is possible to search for sites with more attractive titles by searching for a specific keyword.

For this reason, their clicks over time will definitely affect the search results.

So you realize that no one can guarantee a Google ranking, and anyone who makes such a claim is definitely a scammer.

There is no guaranteed SEO please do not be fooled

Conclusion and end of the article

Companies that make such claims have increased, and this has led people to believe that the claims of such people are real.

For this reason, people’s questions from SEO companies are changing day by day.

Be sure from now on the question “Is your job guaranteed?”

Or “Do you have a guaranteed SEO”

will be added to the list of questions from people from SEO services companies.

As I said, guaranteed SEO is just an illusion! Even the biggest SEO companies in the world do not dare to guarantee SEO.

So it is better not to go to the companies that guarantee SEO in any way. These companies are not doing this at all!

Finally, I suggest that you read the web training articles of Hamyar Web, and I hope you have used this article enough.

If you have an opinion about these companies or have experience working with any of them, be sure to share it with me and other friends.

There is no guaranteed SEO please do not be fooled

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