What are the reasons for the decline of your site in Google?

What are the reasons for the decline of your site in Google?

It can be very frustrating for any webmaster when Google’s site traffic goes down. Sometimes they even think that their site has been penalized by Google.

There are many reasons why your site ranks lower in Google, which can be understood from Google Webmaster.

Of course, sometimes due to occasions and holidays, your site’s ranking in Google may decrease to some extent.

In this article, I want to introduce you to the reasons that reduce your site’s ranking in Google and provide you with a solution to them.

So if you want to know what are the reasons for the decline of your site in Google? Be with me.

What are the reasons for the decline of your site in Google?

There are many reasons for your site to drop in Google, which I will examine in full in this article.

But before that, ask yourself the question:

Does the content you provide benefit your audience?

Are you sure about this?

This is exactly one of the reasons I will explain in detail below.

1. Site speed

One of the reasons that Google may rank your site lower than your competitors is your site speed.

Site speed is one of the things that Google puts a lot of emphasis on.

For a long time, Google has ranked sites that are slower than other sites.

One of the reasons is that when users encounter a site with a low speed, they may leave the site annoyed,

and since Google easily cares about Internet users, it is forced to leave sites that are faster. Have to show them.

To find out how fast your site is loading, visit the GTMetrix site to tell you how long your site will load. It also tells you why your site is slow

Try to remove extra blocks from the front page of your site as much as possible. In fact, try to lighten the first page of your site.

Don’t forget to compress your site template files as well. Photos are very important!

Be sure to compress your photos as much as possible.

Of course, the GTMetrix site listens to all of this!

2. Internal link building

I’m surprised many sites do not use internal linking.

This causes the importance of site pages from Google to decrease and they face a decrease in the ranking of site pages in Google.

To avoid this problem, there must be a connection between the internal pages of your site.

To do this, you can suggest related articles to your users.

Try to link some of your keywords that you think are important to the important pages of your site.

Note that the connection between the pages should be natural.

This means not focusing on just one page and linking to it.

You need to make connections between new and old articles naturally.

Do not overdo the internal link building! Also note that do not expect to see immediate results after internal linking.

It may take at least 3 months for Google to identify the links between your pages and increase the importance of your site pages.

What are the reasons for the decline of your site in Google?

What are the reasons for the decline of your site in Google?

3. Backlink

One of the reasons that your site does not rank well in Google is the number and quality of its backlinks.

I have said many times that backlinks are one of the most important factors in SEO.

But what backlinks?

Backlinks to which page of the site?

These are questions that most people are unaware of and are only thinking about getting backlinks to their site.

Because of this, they are quick to buy backlinks or build multiple backlinks in the shortest possible time.

In order to increase the power of your site pages, you need to link to pages that you think are important to you and currently do not rank well in Google.

In fact, you should do this quite naturally, and if you focus only on one page of your site that does not have a good ranking and only get backlinks for it,

Google will be informed of this issue and not only a good ranking of that page from Your site does not rank, but it does rank lower

In order to be able to increase the page rank of your site in this way, it is better for the pages that you create backlinks to give internal links to pages

that do not rank well, so that you can do your link building process well.

4. Title of articles

If you refer to your Google Webmaster Tools, you can find out the CTR clickthrough rate of your pages.

The click-through rate here is how many users who came across your site by searching for keywords and clicked on your site.

When users encounter your site with Google-searched keywords and do not click on it, Google understands this and may reduce the current ranking of your site pages.

Because he thinks that users are not interested in seeing your site in that rank, and this will give your site a lower rank.

One of the main reasons that your site may have this problem is that the title of your site pages is not good and attractive.

You should choose the title of your articles in a way that is compelling to your users and they will click on it as soon as they come across your site articles on Google.

For example, you wrote an article about Google algorithms and published it on your site.

As you know, Google algorithms are constantly being updated.

This is an excuse to update your content.

For example, you can add updates that Google has made to its algorithms to that old article.

It’s a good idea to update your site’s old content by re-sharing it on social media.

This will make updating your content more valuable, and Google will be aware of this.

6. User friendlyness of the site

Make sure your website is optimized for users of other devices.

Because mobile users are increasing day by day and you should not neglect mobile users.

You can find out by checking your site users in Google Analytics.

Rest assured that there are many mobile users who visit your site daily.

´┐╝Google also prioritizes user-friendly and mobile friendly sites.

Google has always been concerned with user convenience, which has put responsive sites in a better position in search results.

The issue of responsiveness of the site is not new and I think many other sites are not involved.

An issue that is very important now is the speed of loading the site for mobile users.

Your site loads faster for desktop users than mobile users.

If you want to know about this issue, test your site by woorank right now.

This site tells you exactly what to do to optimize the speed of your site for mobile users.

In order to choose the title of your site articles according to the tastes of your audience, it is better to get help from Google itself.

By searching for the titles you are looking for, Google will tell you what similar titles have been searched by many users.

It is also a good idea to use the main keywords of your field in your titles.

I suggest using Google Trends to find your favorite business keywords.

What are the reasons for the decline of your site in Google?

What are the reasons for the decline of your site in Google?

5. Old content

One of the reasons why your site’s pages rank low on Google is your old content.

Of course, this is not a convincing reason. Seen on some sites, despite the old content, they have a good current ranking in Google.

But you should not ignore the old content of your site.

Try to update your site’s old content every few months.

Google is a fan of fresh content. Content updating does not mean, for example, changing internal links to pages.

You need to update your content so that Google knows about it.

That means adding at least 2 paragraphs or audio or video to your old content

Conclusion and final speech

If you want to maintain the ranking of your site pages in Google and do not face a sudden drop in ranking in Google, be sure to follow the items mentioned in this article.

Remember that achieving fast results is not possible with SEO.

You should follow the instructions on your site to see the results in a few months.

I hope you enjoyed this article and used it enough

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