What is Google Tag Manager or GTM Why is it important to use it?

What is Google Tag Manager or GTM Why is it important to use it?

One of the best tools that Google has provided for digital marketers is Google Tag Manager or GTM for short.

With this valuable tool, you can get an accurate knowledge of the users and audience of your site.

As you know, data analysis is very important in digital marketing.

Because our main goal is to know enough about the audience and ultimately gather our potential customers.

If we can not get enough knowledge of them, we can not influence them.

It does not matter if you have an online store or an educational or news website, it is important to know how attractive your website is to your site visitors and audience.

Google Analytics is a great tool that most of us use to analyze our site and get to know our audience.

In many cases, it shows us what we want, but Google Analytics alone can not help us when we need more accurate information.

In these cases, we must use Google Tag Manager.

But In fact, Google Tag Manager is a tool through which we can have more accurate data in our Google Analytics

and shows us everything we want from the behavior of our users on different pages of our site.

By purposefully tagging the site pages with Google Tag Manager we can get this valuable information from our site users.

If you want to be successful in internet marketing and attract your target audience,

you need to know enough about their behavior.

Data analysis is very important in digital marketing.

This is something that many webmasters do not care about!

In this article I am going to talk about Google Tag Manager which is a great tool to get valuable information from our site users.

Why it is important to use Google Tag Manager and whether or not we should use it is also an important issue that I will address in this article.

So if you want to know more about Google Tag Manager and how to work with it, I suggest you join me in this article.

What is Google Tag Manager?

´┐╝Google Tag Manager is a tool to closely monitor the behavior of users on the site, which you can connect to Google Analytics to access this data.

For example, if you want to know how many visitors to a particular page on your site have clicked a particular button on that page, Google Tag Manager will help you.

With Google Tag Manager, you can detect behaviors such as users clicking on certain components on the page,

the amount of scrolling and retention on the page, playing the audio file on the page, the amount of video viewed on the page and the like.

Google Tag Manager, which was introduced by Google in 2012, has undergone many changes to date,

and it can be said that it is becoming easier to work with day by day.

Google Tag Manager alone will not work for us and we will have to connect it to other tools like Google Analytics.

When Google Tag Manager was introduced, it was hard to work with, and most of the time we had to code manually to code on the pages.

But now the task has become easier and we can reach our main goal only by marking the components in the source of the desired pages.

The main job of Google Tag Manager is to manage the tags on the site without having to manually enter tags into the page source for analysis.

In fact, Google Tag Manager provides you with an environment where you can easily add code to your site pages (without coding)

so that you can easily use them in analytics programs like Google Analytics.

Given that Google Tag Manager is a product of Google,

you might think that it only supports tools like Google Analytics and Google AdWords for synchronization.

But the good news is that with Google Tag Manager you can also manage the tags of many tools like Twitter, Bing Ads, Hotjar and Facebook.

What is Google Tag Manager or GTM Why is it important to use it?

How does Google Tag Manager work?

´┐╝Google Tag Manager consists of three main components:

tags, triggers or activators and variables.

The job of tags is to mark specific components to execute the next goals on the page.

For example, when we use tags on the page, we tell Google Tag Manager what to do with it.

For example, follow the visitor page.

The task of the Trigger is to use and activate the tags under the specified conditions.

For example, should all visitors follow the page or when those visitors stay on the page for more than three minutes?

This issue is specified by the activator.

Finally, there are variables that can be used in tags and activators in Google Tag Manager.

In fact, variables can only hold part of the information.

For example, a specific page with a URL containing an order-success that points to the purchase finalization page.

This is what variables do for us.

What are the benefits of using Google Tag Manager?

The biggest advantage of Google Tag Manager is that it eliminates the need for digital marketers and programmers and web developers.

As you know, editing, updating and inserting tags on the site to perform data analysis operations is time consuming.

In many cases, this may not be done properly by the programmers,

and this can cause the site to slow down or receive incomplete data for analysis.

On larger sites, this problem is compounded.

But Google Tag Manager has made it easy for us and we can easily manage and increase the tags inside our site.

In the following, I will explain more about the benefits of Google Tag Manager.

What is Google Tag Manager or GTM Why is it important to use it?

Simplify the site tagging process

The most important advantage of Google Tag Manager is the simplification of the tagging process on the site.

We no longer need to manually change the page source for each edit.

With Google Tag Manager, you can easily manage site tags without the need for re-coding.

Makes data analysis more accurate

Google Tag Manager is a tool that helps us to know our audience more accurately.

The data that Google Tag Manager provides to us is very accurate and it helps us to take the next step to attract the right audience and customers.

Suitable for small and large online businesses

It does not matter what business you have!

Google Tag Manager is perfect for any online business that wants to manage site tags without dependence on developers.

Using Google Tag Manager is especially good for small online businesses that do not have a programmer or coder.

What is Google Tag Manager or GTM Why is it important to use it?

What is Google Tag Manager or GTM Why is it important to use it?

Usability in mobile applications

One of the biggest benefits of Google Tag Manager is that it can be used in mobile applications.

If you have an application and want to manage its tags, you can easily use Google Tag Manager.

Even if you do not update your application version, you can still use its features as before.

Tagging in the application by Google Tag Manager does not need to update the new version.

Ability to test performance before running the tag

Before running any tag, you can test it and make sure it works.

After setting each tag and its function, you can see a preview of it before execution to fix it if there is a problem anywhere.

With Google Tag Manager you can test each tag live on the site before publishing it.

Use default tags in Google Tag Manager

There are many tags you need in Google Tag Manager by default.

You only need to activate them to use.

You may not be familiar with programming or you may not have a developer on your team.

In this case, you can use these ready-made tags without any knowledge of programming.

The most used tags are already ready for you in Google Tag Manager.

Run and track advanced events

You may only be able to track simple events with Google Analytics,

but if you need to track more complex events such as how users interact with your site’s video or audio content,

this is only possible with Google Tag Manager.

Previously, this required coding, and each component on the site had to be coded specifically for it.

But Tag Manager simplifies the task and can easily be used to track more advanced events.

What are the disadvantages of Google Tag Manager?

Although working with Google Tag Manager is simple and you do not need special coding to tag the site,

but this is not true in all circumstances!

If you need to implement more complex events, you can no longer use the ready-made and default Google Tag Manager.

You need to get help from programmers to do this.

Another disadvantage of using Google Tag Manager is the slow loading speed on site pages when activating tags at the same time.

You may need to tag more pages and this will slow down the site.

If the initial tags have problems and do not allow the process to continue, your site may slow down.

What is Google Tag Manager or GTM Why is it important to use it?

Why should we use Google Tag Manager?

If you want to be a professional in digital marketing, you need more accurate data.

Data that makes your job easier than before.

There are things in digital marketing that you can’t even imagine.

For example, how many users on your product page have clicked the buy button at the top of the page

and how many have clicked on the buy button in the middle or bottom of the page.

This may not seem like a big deal to many people,

but these are the little things that can increase the conversion rate on your site. Just try it once.

If you want to succeed in your business, you have to do things that your competitors have not done before.

You do not have to be monotonous, you have to be constantly testing your site.

Google Tag Manager is a unique tool for performing various tests on your site.

Especially if used with the other tools I mentioned.

Where to start to learn Google Tag Manager?

Learning Google Tag Manager is not a difficult task!

If you are fluent in English, you can follow the relevant training from external sources.

But there is no complete video tag tutorial on the Persian web.

Of course, there are tutorials about tag manager on Iranian sites, but they are not complete!

If you are looking to learn the words of Google Tag Manager,

I suggest you participate in the Google Tag Manager training course on the new site.

In this training course, you will be taught zero to one hundred Google Tag Manager.

This is the first training course in Iran that in addition to Google Analytics,

you will learn to work with tags of other tools such as Iranian advertising tools (Yektant), Iranian chat tools (Reicht), Iranian CRM tools (Didar) and other tools.

What do you learn in this course?

  • Introducing Tag Manager and the reason for its importance
  • How to install Tag Manager on the site
  • Familiarity with the environment and concepts of Tag Manager
  • Install Analytics with the help of Tag Manager
  • Send store information to Analytics
  • Measure user clicks on outbound links
  • Measure forms completed by users
  • But Measure the clicks on different banners of the site
  • Measure the time a user stays on the page
  • Measure the amount of page scrolling by the user
  • But Measuring the number of downloads of files on the site
  • Measure site errors with Tag Manager
  • Send author information to Analytics
  • Send the number and amount of sales to Google Ads
  • Launch re-marketing with Google Ads
  • How to measure Google Optimization tools for A / B testing
  • Launching Iranian tools tags (chat, ads, notifications, etc.)
  • Launch other tags with Tag Manager

Conclusion and last word

In this article, I tried to tell you about the importance of using Google Tag Manager.

If you want to be a professional, you need accurate data, and Tag Manager helps you access that accurate data.

I suggest you learn to work with Google Tag Manager as soon as possible and use it in your online business.

I hope you have used this article enough.

If you have experience using the Google Tag Manager tool, be sure to share it with me and other friends.

What is Google Tag Manager or GTM Why is it important to use it?

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